Encuentros Temporales

Brand identity and art direction for Encuentros Temporales, biomaterial program organized by Calcareo, research and open source dissemination project of bio-inspired materials.

At the starting point for the brand identity development, a research about the
components of the material was made, to find a visual narrative that emerges
from it and convey it’s temporal and biodegradable principles.

The biomaterial gets solved in water and it’s main components are
crushed mussel shells mixed with algae. The recipes are open source and the
project seeks to create in a collaborative way, for and with different species.

As a result, the visual identity incorporates small elements falling down
fusing with the graphic elements, to empathize the explorative and ephemeral
values of the project, as well as it’s biomaterial basis.

Encuentros temporales is a project funded by Chile
Minestry of Culture, Art and Patrimony.
© Copyright Kika Fuenzalida