Designer of LAB CSU, Citizen Laboratory of urban health.

LAB CSU is a collaborative space for experimentation, learning,
and practice. It aims to encourage community participation in the
construction of more resilient, healthy, sustainable and inclusive

For the brand identity development, a colorful and ludic visual
narrative was created. 

To convey the inclusive and collaborative values of the project, the logo
designed was inspired by a rainbow and has its arcs moving foward,
as the LAB seeks to evolve and grow with the local community.
The arc is the basis element for the development of a variety of shapes
that give movement and dynamism to the brand, making it look playful,
close, and friendly.  

A variety of icons were designed for the different areas of the lab,
like sustainable mobility, urban green and blue spaces, epidemics,
and microbial resistance, among others.

Design and production of interactive research booklet.

I also took part as a workshop facilitator, guiding the Design process
from conceptualisation to implementation of the projects prototypes.

The Lab emerged from a collaboration between Lichen IS and
ISGlobal and won “La ciutat proactiva 2021”, an open call for
urban innovation projects for the BIT Habitat foundation, from
Barcelona’s town hall.

If you want to know more about the project and take a look to
the website I have designed, click here 🙂

© Copyright Kika Fuenzalida